Some of you may be familiar with "Chubbles", otherwise known as "Chubby Bubbles Girl" from internet meme fame. Here are some of my favorite Chubbles memes plucked from the world wide web:



As I've always been a bit on the chubby side myself, and because I'm attempting to run now, I thought this would be a perfect avatar for my marathon journey... so on my training runs I've been taking pictures of the scenery and superimposing Chubbles in them. They were a big hit on Facebook so I've decided to dedicate a page on my blog to Chubbles.

I now present to you my homage to my hero and my inspiration, Chubbles:

"To the fields, Chubbles!"
"To R├╝mlang, Chubbles!"
"Beware of cow, Chubbles!"
"To Koblenz, Chubbles!"
"To Deutschland, Chubbles!"
"To the finish line, Chubbles!"


"Cows, cows e'rywhere Chubbles!"

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